24 Unit Apartment Fire 200 Miles Away.....

The Damages


Two story apartment building fire reconstruction, smoke and resulting water damage restoration in the amount of $1,331,959.01. The building had 8 units on each floor with the four center units having the same floor plan and a different floor plan on both ends. The purpose of the project was to rebuild the structure back to its pre-loss condition while incorporating compliance with current code standards as well as compliance with the ADA requirements. Full architectural drawings along with engineering were provided.


Challenges / Creative Solutions


Demolition was almost complete prior to our company being introduced to the project. No original “As Built Drawings” were available for this 1979 building. The plans that were provided, while technically correct, did not reflect the actual conditions and intent of the insurance coverage. We separated the code improvements, ADA compliance and discrepancies in our estimate to identify and quantify them. 

The structural engineer was discussing “bulldozing” the complete structure and starting over from scratch due to microbial contamination. The additional costs required for this would have most likely exceeded the coverage amount requiring the property owner to finance the difference. We prepared a remediation plan that was more cost effective and would maximize the insurance coverage.

The loss occurred in January of 2007, we were contacted in

April of 2007, the drawings were provided in October of 2007 and we received the approval to begin in March of 2008 causing strained relationships between the parties. We provided frequent and open communication between the parties to provide focus on the issues and foster progress. 

The project was located over 200 miles away from our office requiring us to manage transportation, food and housing for our workers.




The fire damaged building was rebuilt to current code standards and the ADA requirements. The smoke, resulting water and microbial damage was eliminated without compromising the structure. We were able to provide these services within the insurance policy limits without requiring additional funding from the owner.

We were able to accomplish our restoration goals and adhere to the more stringent current codes and ADA requirements without changing the look and feel of this particular building in relationship to the other, non-affected buildings on the property.


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Framing Damage

Close up of wall framing damage.