2 Story Apartment Fire - Arsonist Caught after Striking Again

The Damages


Two story apartment building fire reconstruction, smoke and resulting water damage restoration in the amount of $111,661.17. The building had an attached carport that was also damaged. The purpose of the project was to rebuild the structure back to its pre-loss condition while incorporating compliance with current code standards. Original architectural drawings were provided.


Challenges / Creative Solutions



This project consisted of four parts. It began when we supplied emergency temporary services after an arsonist started the fire. The second part of the project was the permanent reconstruction repairs. Just before the installation of the floor covering and countertops were to be performed, the arsonist struck again. A second emergency service was then performed and then finally another reconstruction project commenced for the final permanent repairs. 

We began this project on 8/31/09 by performing temporary services with what was then believed to be the permanent repairs commencing on 9/5/09. The 2nd fire was started on 9/20/09 requiring immediate emergency repairs again and subsequent permanent repairs which began on 10/6/09.

The apartment management company considered this to be 1 job. The insurance company considered these fires as 2 separate claims. Our files broke out each project individually requiring 4 separate job files.




The fire damaged building was rebuilt to current code standards. The smoke and resulting water damage was eliminated without compromising the structure. We were able to provide these services by documenting the damages and 2 losses separately for the insurance company and by applying credits and debits to our 4 separate projects while working with the management who considered all of this as just 1 project.

We were able to accomplish our restoration goals to this 30 year old apartment structure and adhere to the more stringent current codes without changing the look and feel of this particular building in relationship to the other, non-affected buildings on the property. Fingerprints obtained from the jobsite after the 2nd fire led to the arrest of the arsonist who was charged with a string of recent arson fires. 


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